Game Design Help/Ideas

Me and My Friend are taking a computer course at school and one of the options we can choose to complete/pass the course is to make a game.
We both want to go into game design/game creating when were older and thought that we would try to start now.
We both also have experience with coding and now some of the basic features that makes a game good.

Heres Our Problem:

Were going to be making a zombie survival based game using the CryEngine 3 Engine,
But we need your help, we have some ideas what we want the map to look like and some other stuff to add into it.
But what would you want to see in a zombie survival game?

Post any ideas, Map suggestions, gun suggestions and abilitys that you want to see in a multiplayer survival game.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I think that should be moved to fast threads.

Anyways my opinion is that if you are unexperienced do not make or try to make the game long (also don’t bold your whole text, it’s unreadable). What I mean is that you probably have some huge plans about super complex mechanics and stories, but trust me - you won’t pull it off, you will run out of motivation.

Make it a hardcore zombie shooter, make it simple. Like make a semi-linear town the player needs to go throught to evacuate. Generic? Maybe. But you can do this.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: - Im just researching ideas that people want in a zombie survival game at the moment.

Well then - hardcore survival. Procedural generation (random stuff) is probably too much to ask, but still.



Make something other than the now-flooded-market for DayZ type zombie games. There hasnt been a match-based fort building zombie game released for awhile.

On a serious note, I found a nifty tutorial for you to learn from: