Game doesn't start.

Okay, When I start Gmod, What happens is this.

Either it starts, And the menu doesn’t have any selections, Like options/multiplayer/singleplayer, and it just shows a back-ground that doesn’t change.

Or it is really off center, The bottom-right corner icons show up near the top left, and you cannot click on anything.

Or it simply doesn’t work at all.

I assume the problem is with the changing back-ground, Since before GMOD 13, It would start pitch-clean, Before this started happening, I noticed a large amount of lag whenever it changed the back-ground picture. So if there was a way to disable the switching back-ground, I would be happy.

This made it basically so I can’t play GMOD.

When in doubt, verify integrity. Or reinstall.

Tried that, Didn’t work.