Game extensions with out games???

Just wondering is it possible to have the game content from a game such as half life with out the actual game, like if i had the files and placed it in gmod would it work or would i have to pay for it through steam to activate it?

I think I know what you mean. There are models on garry’ from games such as CS:S and TF2 to stop errors during multiplayer.


That would be piracy.

all the half life 2 stuff comes with gmod :slight_smile:
as for everything else you have to buy the games …well you can torrent but dont do that

Not always. I have two accounts. On one I have GMod, Portal and TF2, on the other I have CS:S. I copied the files from my CS:S account and I don’t consider it piracy because I bought it.

Stop pirating, you’re making corporations sad.

I had a similar question as well, and i asked team support and they said


I cut it in paint

And it’s not pirating if you’ve already bought it.
A way to add the content to your game if you’ve already bought it on another account and want it on GMod:

1.) Create a Source Mod called "*game* content"
2.) Use GCFScape to put the materials/models/maps in it.
3.) Download GM_mount2
4.) Install GM_mount2
5.) Start up GMod
6.) Enable content using GMod Settings
7.) Restart GMod
8.) ???
9.) Profit

Yeah sure, click here to find out how!

[sp]Not advocating piracy. Think of it as a rickroll for pirates.[/sp]

That is fucking awesome man. Im never closing that window ever.

Thats the first retarded link I’ve clicked that made me laugh, congratz dude

LOL, Im just saying if I were to take the files from lets say half life and placed them in the correct spots in the gmod folder, would they work?

No, because Half-Life isn’t a Source game. :milk:

ok i ment half life 2

you already have everything from half life 2 in garrysmod by default

nope its missing a few models

YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!! lets say team fortress 2 then.

Not legaly

According to the Steam Subscriber Agreement (which you agreed to before making your account, installing Steam, and purchasing every game), it is piracy because the Steam accounts, no matter who they belong to, are different entities. Taking content from one and using it in the other would be just the same as going to Pirate Bay and downloading it.