Game feedback. o.0

alrighty here we go

1: The Movement animations seem somewhat pretty smooth, much better then dayz.

  • i love the bow action and the way it reacts to distance and wind.
  • the hatchet could use some work but over all it’s not to bad
  • i’m not overly impressed by the guns, but then again i’m used to the pureness of games such as battlefield and i understand that this is just in alpha.

2: Crafting

  • the time delay for crafting is perfect, brilliant system
  • the lighting effect for both the fire and furnace are brilliant
  • i don’t like the furnace crafting process, it needs to be tidy like the fire.
  • researching seems like a mission and a half.

3: air drops.
-awesome idea
-i hate the items in air drops it feels like the designers of this game are infatuated with the hunger games.

  • c4 needs to be removed from air drops and should be something that is incredibly hard to come by or rare
  • med packs are good but dropping anything above 1 med pack seems like you’re giving away way to much
  • kevlar armor should be restricted to maybe one item per drop so that people arn’t kitting out hardcore so quickly
  • ammo and weapons should also be reduced dramatically

4: the KoS
-frustrates the crap out of me to the extent that i’m now finished with rust for atleast the next few weeks.(until the next update)
^for any of you whom say it’s PvP harden up you’re doing it wrong, rack off, i spent the best part of 3 days one one server, i was killed 7 times randomly whilst i was hunting or gathering stone or wood. most of the time i had very little loot and no opportunity to call out friendly. whether you say it’s a part of the game or not it’s frustrating. (obviously the death was of no loss besides the fact i had to wait for resources to re-spawn.)

  • yes PvE servers exist but there is no fun in that so why would you.

*ideas on how to fix:

  • build a larger map
  • Camo such as gillie suits should be a part of the game and easy to craft
  • weapon degeneration
  • get rid of grenades and restrict c4 to a maximum limit per player
    -automatic rifles and hand guns should be rare
  • maybe add in some hunting rifles with slightly bent sights or warped barrels instead of high powered rifles.
  • add in a bullet drop
  • scope and muzzle flash so you can see where you are being shot from
  • restrict shooting from the hip to be incredibly in accurate
  • slow down the animation for scoping
  • maybe add a breathing mechanism for all shooting, or a stamina bar etc.

4: base and home building

  • the crafting side is brilliant
  • very simple and easy to design.
  • i do not like how easy it is to raid and destroy someones spawn point.
  • i would like to see shelters indestructible and un-lootable
  • metal buildings are brilliant
  • if c4 and other explosives were harder to come by i think people would stop with the hard core raiding of servers.
  • i would like to see the add of maybe kerosene lamps to hang on walls
  • building a base and building a hunting shack should be two completely different things (i.e hunting shacks should be small in size and untouchable to non-friendlys, but to those that you invite in should be open to them at anytime) bases should be for attacking and defending.

5: animals
-the bears are too easy to kill with a bow, but i like the animations.

  • deers you should be able to farm the antlers for making spears or arrows
  • wolves need to be more aggressive and also to easy to kill with a bow
  • pretty happy with the bores, but their running animation isn’t quite there yet.

6: zombies
-i hate them all

  • you need to take some pointers from dayz to get them to be somewhat enjoyable
  • they take way to much to kill
  • way too much loot on them

7: the towns
-i stray away from towns as they are looted flat out and over run by other players/zombies
-once again to much high power loot
-to many accessible buildings with loot. not enough empty buildings loot should be somewhat rare and hard to find not piss easy.
-the construct of most buildings seem to be on the way but some still look quite cartoonish.

that will do me for now as it’s christmas and my hour break from everything is now done and dusted. these are just my opinions and ideas.
Merry Christmas.

Way too much to comment on, so I’m just gonna’ go with saying this:

They’re going to be removing zombies in an upcoming update. They don’t want this to be a zombie survival game. Not exactly sure what their plans are for their replacement, though.

Rust is a survival game; anyone gathering your potential resources is a potential threat- anyone running near you is a potential threat- anyone who is more well-off in armor, weapons, or resources is a potential threat. How could you not expect to be shot when you’re running around taking “their” resources? I’ve started up in an official server with 200 people on at once, it just takes time. Either have more patience or read and contemplate a game’s description before buying.

The map is actually larger than we know, it is just not as well developed. It’s more of a waiting game than an idea that needs to be instilled.
Camo should NOT be easy to craft unless we’re talking about some really crude camo that is still slightly distinguishable amongst the foliage.
I’m all for making explosive charges rarer and more prized, but limiting a player’s capacity doesn’t tie in with the sandbox feel of Rust.

Indestructible homes? I think not. In a game about survival and survival only, you’ve basically given them endgame gear through a “hunting shack”. No one’s going to build a base if they could have smaller impenetrable units as homes.

haha, cheers buddy, i look forward to the no zombies

as for cragbones
i like my games to be challenging and spending hundreds upon hundreds of hours over months is my style, i don’t believe this game will achieve that, i think most people will tire of starting over and over.

a game of gorilla warfare in highly hostile environments, which is practically impossible to live unless you’re lucky enough to catch a break for a few hours, with unlimited supplies of all sorts of high powered weapons and ammunition… sounds like COD. yet this game is called RUST… maybe you can see my point from that angle.

^ that right there is where this games downfall will be. that and once people are sick of raiding and once everything becomes boring because it’s too easy hacks will go mental and take over most servers… the exact same way it happened for the dayz mod.

Think some of your ideas are already in the works this is a road map of sorts take a look!