"Game file mismatch verify game installation"

Hi there guys,

Every single time im trying to run Rust i get this message with a big teddybear saying “Game file mismatch verify game installation”. I cant even join a server or do anything before it is on my screen. After some seconds the game closes. I have tried to reinstall, verify game integrity, start i dev mode etc. I have never used cheats or anything, nor have i ever managed to run the new Rust becouse if this message. Anyone know about a fix?


Just googled it and saw all sort of idea how to fix, but managed to find 1 that maybe can help:

Taken from Steam community page:

I fixed mine this way. Go to steam library. Right click rust. properties, set launch options. I removed what ever was in the set launch options. Mine is now blank. this solved my error message of the teddy bear.

Damn, it worked. Thanks alot!