Game Freeze At Startup

Ok, when i go into the Steam “My Games” list, I have all my installed games and Garrys Mod 10. When i try to run Garrys Mod it then says “preparing to launch Garrys Mod” and then the start screen comes up with the picture of a dude putting a cone on the G Mans head, and it says loading. It then loads for like ever and when i try to exit it I can’t, so I have to restart my computer. When my computer is on and I am running Steam again, it says things like Counter-Strike: Source, Half Life - Deathmatch:Source and other games i didn’t have installed are downloading/updating. I currently have Half Life 2: Deathmatch, Garrys Mod, Portal, Episode 2 and Half Life 2 currently installed and fully updated on my computer. What could be wrong? is it all the updates

Please help,

Lord Hayden

i have that problem too

Try to Remove Steam completely from your computer. So the install map to. And install it back with all the games.

I have this too. XP 32-bit C2D E6750 2.66GHz 8800GT 2GB RAM. Does uninstalling steam kill all your games as well? I don’t want to have to download >9000GB of games again.

Disable your firewall(s)?

what are your system specs?

I had this problem before, it was caused by a conflict of addons.

my friend has the same problem and is trying to fix it. he just gets not responding as soon as he launches

I get this problem with Half-Life 2, but not any Orange Box games. I freeze where the video is supposed to play.

This is the Gmod help and support forum. For help with other games I suggest going to