Game freezes due to player name symbols


I know this happens to a number of people in game but when we get someone join with Korean , Chinese symbols in their name , weird stencilling or Russian style sickles the game freezes for a round 3 seconds quite irritating in a firefight any one else getting this?

Is it happening on a server you run?

There is a command to kick people with non-standard names within Oxide.

You could turn that on if it’s your server, if not you will probably have to change if the admin won’t implement it.

You’re welcome here: I run it for everyone who just wants a peaceful friendly community to play the game with. All decisions on the server are community made and we run custom unique events

The language fonts are not loaded when the game starts, but loaded on request. 3 second freeze is the fonts being loaded. As een says kick players with these names - there is no reason for Far Eastern player to join EU server as it would lag too much to be able to play unless the player is up to no good.

I noticed this one day as well. I had forgotten to change my name from when I was playing games that handle these names without a problem. When I went to type in the chat, the game immediately froze for a few seconds.

Here you go

Requires Oxide Core to be installed I believe.