Game Freezes every few seconds

After doing some research i found a thread that had the solution for it but not the exact solution i was looking for :frowning: When i go to device manager i see these

sound,video and game controllers

Intel® Display Audio
NVIDIA virtual audio device(wave exstensible) (WDM)
Realtek High Definition Audio

After disabling Realktek high definition audio the game runs flawlessly without any freezes or studders but the only drawback is there is no sound because its my default sound card and my only sound card as far as I know. So what im trying to ask here, is there anyway to set a different device for sound while still having realtek disabled so my games runs nicely?

Tried disabling the first 2 and leaving the realtek on to no avail also tried the same thing but 1 at a time with the first 2

no one knows :o?