Game Freezes When Opening Chat

Goodevening all,
I would be happy if someone could help with my issue I am having and its this. ANY server I go I can walk around ect but as soon as I go to type in chat i press enter or t and chat never shows up and my game freezes but I can still look around so basically it just disables me from typing and walking.

Thanks, :frowning:

i am having the same problem but i cant look around it just completly freezes

Have you tried simply pressing escape to exit the chat? the chat might be open, just bugged out on your client.

If you play in vanilla, and have a mic, a temporary fix would be too just disable the chat in options for now.

i have this problem for a week now.
I enter a server, playing on 10, 20 minutes, when i open chat it freezes, but if i dont open chat and disable it in options i can play longer but i would still freeze and get not responding message.
i had win 8.1 pro and played for like 2 weeks, flawless.
i bought new motherboard and new ddr 8gb ram, got win 10 enterprise. when i downloaded rust tried it, then i got this error.
tried everything, updating directx, verify files, run as administrator, windowed mode, everything. i would run game for like 10 min on 70fps without using chat it would freeze, or it would freeze instantly if i opened chat.
Then i installed back win 8.1 pro, got lastest drivers for everything, directx 11, .net framework, everything, downloaded game. same error

Then i used my laptop to run rust. it worked without those freezes, but as my laptop isnt very good one i only have 15fps.

I really want this problem to get fixed. So im asking for some fix or some admin or somebody to help me out. Thanks!