Game frequently DISCONNECT me and friends from server, Log in message

Hi, we just restarted playing rust but it’s kinda impossible cause we too often get this error

any hint?

try rebooting your router and modem

i dont think this will solve, i mean, we are 4 friends and we all get this error in SPECIFIC location, we did try to walk over the one who crashed first and we all crashed in the same TILE

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ofc we all get the same message i posted above

Is this on an official server or a community/modded one?

Rustopia Eu, i’m try to run around in official server to check this out

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btw here it doesnt seem to happen, we’ll start playin here and then we’ll maybe update this thread


we tried facepunch milan but i think the server has item cap cause you cant even put down walls or sleeping bags -_-

The DC issue is happening on amsterdam 2 too, so it’s not a server “setup” related problem…