Game gets stuck when wanting to mount something

Sorry if this is a solved issue, I can’t seem to find help anywhere.

I’ve recently moved to an ubuntu based laptop and installed gmod on steam, plus a lot of other source games(css, ep1, ep2, etc…)

I wanted to play on a server that requires ep1 and ep2 content, but the problem is that I can’t seem to use the mounting menu.
When I go to click on the little joystick icon to open the mounting menu, nothing happens, but it makes me unable to click on anything and it turns my cursor into that little finger icon, as if Im supposed to be able to click on something.

When this happens, I can’t do anything, the game doesn’t seem to crash since the backround menu image still seems to be moving around, but the game wont respond to anything, so I have to tab out and quit the game with the system monitor.

The game seems to run without any issues, except this one. Its really annoying.

Is there any command I can enter into the ingame console, perhaps? Any other ways to mount?

Try validating your GMod files; I’m using Ubuntu and I can’t replicate this

Nope, same thing. The console works, though, so ya, I think the issue really is that the mount menu is invisible for me.


Are all your games on steam pipe? Try making sure they are ( they should be in the common folder of steam). You are using ubuntu, so they should already be in that format though.