Game idea: Gang colors..

As the wipes become less common and the game progresses, I think we will see some more consistent grouping of teams.

Scattered around the map, it would be cool to have some type of colored clothing/item blue print (armband, necklace, bandana, etc.) that is a one of a kind BP for that server. The end game being that when one guy in your clan finds a blueprint, lets say a red bandana, then you and only you can make them and distribute to your gang.

As the “gangs” become more common, this would be a cool depth element. Maybe some gangs are rivals, some are allies. Maybe you are a guy that just kills other guys in gangs, because you hate the idea of grouping up. Someone raiding your house, now you know their color… A cold hearted hatchet to the back when out gathering wood, know you know if its a neighbor or a random.

It would give the server more of an identity, instead of a bunch of naked guys running around. It can also help you identify teammates around the map and in a firefight as well.

You could argue that you could so the same thing with the in-game available clothing right now, but this has 2 disadvantages. First, if everybody can craft it, anybody can copy it. Secondly, cloth is such a scarce and important resource having to craft new items every time you die is a waste of a precious resource.

I don’t play many PC games so this may be an old idea, just though I would share what I thought was an interesting idea.

Would be interesting to see. Not necessarily for identification purposes, but instead, to see how quickly the blackmarkets would grow, where people can buy colours to sneak through certain territories, or to quietly infiltrate a group.

I got chased by a bunch of guys from the Red Jackets the other day. Sounded like a cheap 60’s greaser gang.

maybe a rival gang of the Wanderers

kind of already gets done with the current systems. players use specific clothing sets to identify their buddies at a glance in combat. like the no-pants-rad-jacket crew;)

It was them, The Warriors did it!