Game Idea

I know the game is “alpha” but im just tossing a idea out there where if you use low grade metal and other things or just a ton of it to make a metal storage box that u can code so they have to use c4 to get into it, or a lock u can build that when u place it in ur crate it locks it so u have to code it like the door with same share ability just a couple of ideas. also if theres a lock have to use c4 to get in. let me know what you guys think or like it to let them know if its a good idea or not

Hi, what you’re saying makes sense.
As I’ve already played a lot this game, I’d like to participate on this to improve the quality and gameplay of that game too.
I’ve also some suggestions to make for the devs (that I’m please to congrats for their good job on Rust) : _Add a “Max” button available : when it goes to mass craft (gunpowder, ammo, ect…) and the possibility to set a variable as well it’s kinda long to click on the “+” each time you would like to mass craft something.
_Add stone walls for mid game and by consequences increase the metal’s cost.
_Add a compas blueprint. (please).
_Add sandbags.
_Digging should be something possible and should improve possibilities.
_The possibility to pick mountain stones with the pick axe / Add dynamite to improve possibilities too.
_A workbench kinda to allow social panel.
_An ability system to add more RP/social to it, let me explain, as we start as a caveman, would be fun to “learn” knowledge as we learn blueprints like the ability to talk, ability to write, ect then specialise in a sort of “work” where everyone have his thing to do in a community (builder, scavenger, engineer, medic …).
_The possibility to discover craft on our own.
For exemple…

already implemented if u press strg and presses the + button, the counter goes to the maximal avaible value if u press shift and + then you rise the ammount about 10

As someone with a nordic keyboard layout: “What is this sorcery?!”

also known as ctrl button,

sorry for that i forgott that there are different types of keybords xD


Edit: Too late


Ctrl+click = max crafting option
Shift+click = adds 10 crafts

btt: i like the idea with metal chests… but it would be a little bit stupid… everyone would just build 3+ fake chests in every room :/… and that would destroy the whole raidings…


Nice tip guys!

Didn’t know that one yet!:rock:

So then compromise here. Screw the c4 and make it so it takes like 10 whacks with a pickaxe to break the lock. No precious c4 wasted where it could be used on doors to get to more of the chests. More opportunity for teamwork, someone needs cover while they break open all the chests and gives base owners time to rush while said person is occupied doing so. Make em cost like 300 metal frags each, seems like enough but not too much.

Maybe a good idea in later stage of the game. Now i don’t really see a point in making a 300 metal fragments chest while making a door is 200.

But i like the idea for a later stage.