Game Ideas - Detailed & Creative List

I’ve been playing the game for about 6 weeks, and I constantly find myself visualizing and thinking of implementation ideas or potential changes. I used to play with a bunch of my IRL’s, and we would often have discussions and talks about creative ideas for the game. I’ve seen several lists posted on the forums as well as on the subreddit /r/playrust, however I didn’t want to make my own post until I was confident I had plentiful quality ideas.

I am open to critique, as most of these ideas are just rough ideas with minor detailed speculation at this point. I have not thoroughly sat down and reviewed each and every idea to perfection, but I have spent quite a lot of time thinking them through and making sure I felt they belong in the game or have potential in some way.

Before I write down my list and details, I think it’s important that you get a general understanding of which direction i believe the game should take, in order to reach its maximum potential.

The game is currently in Alpha, as we all know and are reminded of constantly. There are a lot of placeholders currently in the game, and the developers have stated that they want to have a more realistic approach to how your character develops in the game. Military grade weapons, armour and items are supposedly being either delayed substantially or removed entirely. I feel like this is the correct approach. My vision includes a world where players are introduced to the most basic survival at the get-go. Once they play for a few hours and get “Settled” with their first tiny base and most basic tools, they can start working their way through the centuries in a slow and thorough manner.

Building your first wooden base should not be accomplished by gathering 380 wood and setting up your 1x1 wooden base with a metal door, all accomplished in 30 minutes.

Furthermore, I believe the game needs a lot more end-game substance in order to attract long-term players and sustain growth. There needs to be more to the end game than gathering resources, killing zombies and raiding a base. Expanding the world and increasing the quantity of content is the way to go about this. The game needs more mystery and unknown aspects, as well as more time consuming challenges at the very end-game level.

So, excuse the rant above, but I feel like the general vision needs to be understood before the complete list makes sense in the grand scheme of things. Off we go:

Resource System

  • More diversity among Raw Resources: Copper, Tin, Iron, Sulfur, Steel and Aluminium.
  • Smelting and processing of Raw Resources to create high quality metal types for use in crafting items. (examples: Weapons, Arrowheads, Structures, Structural Reinforcement, etc)
  • Water, if the thirst-system is implemented. Can also be used to fill dug-up holes and as base-protection (more on this further down)
  • Resource Caves: Caves that are randomly generated in/along mountains and mountain-ridges. They are instanced, and require a loading screen. Inside the caves one can find wildlife and a metric fuckton of resources (rocks).


  • Remove Zombies
  • Implement Human NPC’s. The NPC’s are located in camps around the world. The camps vary in size and number of humans, and their level of progression (type of items/structures) also vary. Very few military-grade camps, and these are often bigger and requires manpower or end-game items to take out/raid.
  • A much bigger and wider game-world. Several islands and perhaps a mainland. Tiny islands that players can raid (tribes of human NPC’s may inhabit these islands) and build bases on/within.
  • Bigger servers (the option at least) where the admins can choose how much of the land-area they want to use, as well as the player slot limit. (Example: 5x size of current map, 500 or 1000 player limit)
  • Digging system. Digging should be a time-consuming process that requires a shovel (shovels can be made of different material) - The player marks a square for digging, and the same way one would hatchet a resource-pile, they can dig through the marked square. Once they reach the bottom and have successfully dug a 1x1 square, they can dig in either direction (down, sideways or up) - The digging system could require pillars to be placed when a certain size of terrain is dug out underground.
  • Underground building. Through digging, players can choose to build structures, even entire bases underground. This should obviously be a time consuming and perhaps require heavy resource use.
  • Underground collapse: This would basically mean that if pillars are not placed within a certain time-frame of digging through x amount of squares, the support would give in, and the ground above collapses. This could be used as a raiding tactic to destroy entire bases. In order to prevent this, one would have to implement underground reinforcements underneath the base, and perhaps some other ideas (feel free to add to this) to prevent this from the defenders standpoint.
  • Water: As mentioned above, it could quench thirst, but also be used to fill in dug-up squares and form defenses around the base.
  • Overground buildings. The ability to build in trees. Uses several trees to stretch planks between in order to create bigger bases. There could be a limit to the amount of structures, as trees should only be able to carry a certain weight. Perhaps a way to destroy these entirely as well? (Haven’t thought too much about this, feel free to add suggestions!)
  • Seasons: Different season that change according to a set timeframe. Perhaps one would go through all season within 1 month.
  • Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Blizzards, Oceanic Storms, etc. Different types of events based on location on the map, which island etc.
  • Different terrain and environment on each island
  • Mainland composed of several types of terrain. Jungle, Desert, Mountains, etc.

Skill System

  • Skills for different tasks you do. Chopping Wood, Mining Ore, Crafting Weapons, Crafting Armour, Crafting Items etc…
  • Naturally you’ll get more skilled at what you do, as in real life. This would be a realistic implementation that make it more strategic to accomplish different tasks if playing alone, or divide the tasks and become experts if you’re playing as a group.
  • When reaching a high mining skill, one would get better at making the most of the rock, thus gathering more ore from the node. Same with lumber and other skills.
  • Credit to Axzter for the skill-system suggestion


  • Several new types of wildlife. I’ll list one type below that need descriptions. Otherwise: Lions, Leopards, Panthers, Bulls, Cows, Birds, etc
  • Monkeys: They could be holding stolen loot from NPC camps, and perhaps use clever movements to prevent being killed. Uses trees and branches to swing around.
  • Water-based animals: Sharks, Fish, Whales etc
  • New raw materials gathered from the new types of wildlife. Respective types of meat, different types of bones/tusks/pelts etc
  • Packs of animals: Basically certain types of animals that often travel in packs. Wolves, Bears (mother and cubs perhaps), Deer, etc.
  • Rare Spawns: Ferocious and/or massive animals that pose a big threat and are hard to take down. Gorillas, Mammoths, Elephants etc. These may drop some type of rare-material that are used for end-game items.

Items & Structures

  • All structures and items should take time to construct on the spot. No more instant-placement.
  • Boats / Rafts: These could be custom made. Depending on the way you build your boat/raft, it holds up against weather and waves. If you build a tiny raft, tough weather could destroy the craft entirely and kill you and your potential crew. Storms could be a random factor that could even destroy bigger constructions, thus building big & strong rafts or boats would be safer if you want to transport a lot of items between islands or to/from the mainland.
  • Lifts: These can be attached to ceilings or from cliffs in order to rappel down or swing yourself up/down. Think 1700’s wooden lifts with ropes and swing-wheels.
  • Siege Weapons: Catapults, Rams, Massive Crossbow-construction to fire off a zipline that can be used to get ontop of things.
  • Base Defense: Trapwires, Spike Fences, Barbed Wire.
  • Gardens: Creating gardens on squares around your house in order to harvest raw food or food-ingredients.
  • Fireplace: Used to cook more complex food items, that give you extra benefits or regain your health faster.

Weapons & Armour

  • Javelin (throwing spear)

  • Crossbow

  • Sword

  • Hunting Knife

  • Clubs (perhaps these can immobilize/stun your opponent?)

  • Poison Darts (shot through pipe)

  • Throwing Axes (slow and inaccurate, but hits hard)

  • Improved Bows (different types of strings/shaft, perhaps a type of scope?)

  • Arrowheads (different materials used, see below. Poison/Fire could be added)

  • Keep the current armour-types in game, but make kevlar exclusive and very rare to get hold of. The crafting cost should also be significantly increased.

  • Military grade weapons should only be craft-able by the uttermost high-end materials.

  • Military grade weapons should require assembling

  • Realistic amount of parts that need to be assembled.

  • Stun Grenades

  • RPG (Fires missiles that have an explosive effect and damages buildings, but requires more materials. Could also be relatively inaccurate)

  • More weapon types (Counter-Strike have several other models that could be used for inspiration)

  • A more primitive type of explosive should be used for raiding in the early stages of the game. Gunpowder created by Sulfur is realistic and works fine, but perhaps make the actual item a gunpowder barrel or scrap-metal container.

  • C4 could still be in the game, but as with the other military grade items, should require a lot of time to craft as well as high-end materials and several parts. Fuse, High Quality Gunpowder, Container, Wrapping etc…

The above weapons could be created according to the resource-system mentioned earlier. Different types depending on which material used, in order to increase damage/weight/speed/accuracy.

Melee Improvements

  • Parry / Block / Dodge
  • Hard Swing (slow, high damage)
  • Light Swing (fast, less damage)
  • Prone: Being able to lay down with your entire body. Can be advantageous when setting up an ambush, or when camping for enemies. Crawling in prone stance as well. Source: Yepen

Character Customization

  • Self explanatory. Basically a means to customize your character
  • Group-System. Basically a system where you tell your group-mates apart from your enemies.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to add critique or even more ideas / changes to these ideas. I might just update the list if i feel like your contribution is decent and fits well with the general vision.

PS: I do not claim any kind of ownership over the ideas above. Most of them are genuine ideas that I have thought out myself, however there are ideas that I have seen elsewhere on forums, as well as ideas the developers themselves have though about, such as the arrowheads and bow improvements.

The game is in Early Access…
Im sure they will get to that stuff soon.
but before any of that animal shit… PUT MOVING CARS IN!!!

The game is indeed in early access Alpha. However, these are nothing but creative ideas that I felt would be cool for some people to see, and perhaps discuss around. Who knows, the developers might even see this if given enough attention. These are all ideas I simply felt the need to share.

I completely agree with everything on the list, I feel like the modern weapons are kinda on the midway point for me hating and loving but it’s kind of complicated when it comes to that. I do like all of the ideas that are here and I think that this game could completely transform from what it is now to be more progressive and hopefully not as pvp oriented to actually group up to take down “camps”. I do feel as if all weapons within the game need separate parts to make weapons instead of just knowing the blueprint for a m4 so you need to learn the m4 components to it as well(Not sure how to distribute blueprints at the moment). I just hope this game will be very balanced and the core gameplay very entertaining while also keeping my attention to the game for a prolonged period of time.

I think it’s a great list, and I appreciate how thought out it was.

However, 90% of everyone else who reads it will probably tl;dr.

Well, not everyone is interested in this type of stuff. I love being creative and think about game development, and it really interests me to read all the other posts out there with game-change ideas. This is clearly a post for like-minded people.

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Would like to add that electricity is another implementation that others have posted about before. It would surely add some potential to the military-grade endgame, but it needs to be implemented carefully. I have no idea how electricity would work best so if anyone else has any thoughts on the subject, please do explain.

Wow. Many of the points are really good. I hope garry sees this, and i really think the game needs to go in this direction. More caveman or medieval kind of thing.

Also, i think the developers are working on a few things on the list, and i heard they are working on stone structures as well.

Go under the Suggestions subforum and look at “Community Speaks: Week 5” it is eerily similar to my list. Check it out.

Could sieges be listed? I Think people building stairs beside a base is basic and boring, it takes a long time to remove also. Sieges, you know, them big ass medieval things?!

Hello, I have an idea for another NPC, I’ve heard that the zombies will be removed and that they will become some kind of mutants. I think it would be cool if the mutants will look like naked new players who just entered the server and that someone from far away will think that it is a new player but that it is actually a strong mutant. this helps for the people who kill noobs without giving them a chance. The mutants will be strong so that even people with good stuff need to be carefull when they see a naked guy. The mutants need to be rare.

Good list, but I hope you realize many of these are planned or talked about by Devs alreayd.

But I pretty much agree with everything you said.

Really interesting list you’ve created. There are a lot of additions I didn’t even think of and quite frankly some very good stuff in there. However, the general direction of the ideas go towards a more militarized world. In my opinion, Rust should be about progression, and thus the end game should feel more militarized with a more industrial feel to it, where as the early and mid game should be about survival and building up through the progression-scale as described in my post.

Thanks for feedback though, and feel free to add any ideas from my list to yours, I might just add a few of yours and give credit where due!:slight_smile:

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I am well aware, and I even talked about it in the post:) I follow the developers quite heavily on various forums and their Trello of course. But thanks for pointing out! I’m sure there are a lot of people who don’t know about their Trello and such.

I agree with this a lot. Obtaining military grade guns and assets should be difficult and propose some end game goal. A camp would be the strongest if they owned even ONE or two automatic-military grade weapon (that would be cherished, and bullets would be like gold).

Thank you for posting, i will re read this later, but overall its very good ideas.

What does endgame mean ?

Hey I just had a couple of quick suggestions for thinking about.

Right no the largest obstacle for my friends and I are… everyone looks the same…

While the game is in Alpha this isn’t a major issue particularly since most servers are low in population. But a couple thoughts.

1: Customizable characters… this can be simple… skin color, hair, hair color… nothing crazy like scars, eye color etc… just something to get out there until the game is out of alppha.

2: Dye-able armor. If you could find components for dye (blood could be used for this) and dye your armor different colors and patterns, people / friends could be a lot more recognizable.

3: Spray-paintable clan tags… symbols that you can choose from to make paint (this should cost a lot so people can not spam tag). That way you can mark your areas…


Yeah, and you should be able to make vegetables in the garden so you could be get more health if you eat (You can get like 120HP if you eat vegetables and you can get 150HP if you eat vegatables in 5 days)

We wouldn’t want Rust to become minecraft with editing the world.

Natural disasters would be cool. Maybe the Natural Disasters can damages bases and only happen once every week? I wouldn’t like the Dye-able armor… Maybe we can have armor that is actually military… not jeans and a red jacket.

On the subject of weapons and armor:

Guns like the ones available currently aren’t the greatest idea for a game like RUST. Unlike DayZ, the entire world hasn’t been thrown into turmoil by a zombie apocalypse… from what I know. Either way, full-auto assault rifles shouldn’t be available. I’m all for guns in general, but I’d like to suggest:

-Hunting Rifles
-Desert Eagles

Less powerful, but at the same time, lethal projectile weapons that don’t make you a God.
The high-grade weapons, of course, should only be able to be found in military camps, as you mentioned.

The guns available seem fine for Rust. You have to also consider the different rad towns and factories that could have made the guns. There are many different factors to consider where the guns could have came from. The airdrops are very random…

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Here are some more ideas to consider.

  1. Bullets should have a chance to break a leg or slow the person you’re shooting at.
  2. Maybe something like Q and E in DayZ for peeking behind cover
  3. Going prone with the Z key
  4. Armor can be damaged and eventually be destroyed.

For the third suggestion, press once to go prone, press again to stand up.
For the fourth suggestion, you can use low quality metal and leather to repair armor.

I really think the game is better off without too many keybinds to maneuver your character ingame. However, the prone-suggestion is very decent. Being able to set up an ambush or lay camping at secret spots waiting for your enemy is always fun, and shouldn’t be bring too much of a negative to the game. The durability suggestion is also decent, but already in development, so i’ll leave that out. Adding the prone-suggestion to the list though!