Game ideas (Possible Idea thread)

Flying mobs (birds) The birds have feathers that you can put on your arrows that can make arrows. I know we already have arrows, maybe they could be just a additive to make them go further/more accurate?

Throw-able rocks. You could make some of the rocks you gather throwable projectiles, maybe even make a slingshot that can use them.

Forest fires and other types of natural disasters. Some kind of natural disaster to make some of the housing choices that you make dangerous. I.E a house right in the middle of the woods puts you at risk of arson/natural fire. Houses on mountain (if we could) could lead to a land slide.

Make other weapons like hatchets and knives throw-able too.

I know there are problems with hackers and what not that everyone complains about, but those are to be expected due to the current game state. We shouldn’t pressure the games development team to fix issues that effect individual gameplay when there are other game breaking bugs that need to be reported and fixed. Instead of complaining about how the no clippers are ruining hours of our gameplay, lets just think of how lucky we are to be playing the alpha of the game in the first place. The more hackers there are now, the less there are when the game releases.

Please put some of your ideas so we can add on to this thread, instead of flooding the forums with bunches of smaller ideas.

I love everything your saying, but rocks, Maybe not but I mean I don’t know. And deliberate fires could be very OP, e.g. Have you seen those massive town, yeah will imagine that just being burned down and you just made it and then people can get the loot.
So maybe not fires and natural disasters, but its just my input on this topic so don’t judge me.

First off, how would you get the birds without the arrows? It isn’t very clear in your post, but are you suggesting that we have a 2nd, “better” arrow that requires a feather and an arrow? (which would mean we could use the normal arrow to get the flying mobs in the first place)

You can make arrows without the feathers, the feathers just enhance the effect of the arrows, you can also throw rocks and other throwable objects.

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Control of voice volume arround you and individual volume

Maybe you we can do a Mastery system that lets you specialize in 1 type of profession, like wood cutting or crafting. Each mastery improoved the ability to do that specific thing. If you can only master one thing it would encourage group play, maybe encourage some trade. Sort of a RPG kind of thing but its a thought.

Here something me and a buddy thought would be a nice touch. We feel this game is a pretty social game making you work with strangers and possibly depend on others for your survival. Not being able to change your name would be amazing because it would hold you accountable for your actions on a server. I can see people changing their name and killing their neighbor for loot and changing back to avoid any backlash and think that would take away from the experience.

There definitely needs to be a way to distinguish friend from foe. My friends and I travel around a lot, and we have a hard time telling who to shoot at.

Customizable characters