Game ideas!

Hi everyone,

I’m a Rust player since January 1st, this game is exactly what I was looking for but still in pre-alpha so we know it’s not finished and have a huge lack of options.
All of us have some ideas for the game, some of them are good, others will just ruin the game and his concept.
Well, mi ideas for the game are the following.
We really need to see the nicks of the other player from a far distance, a tag would be stupid since it’s a survival game, but I’m thinking what could be done if when you aim a player his name should appear in the bottom of the screen (just for us to see).
Hidratation, I mean water for us can be annoying but it’s a survival game so… we need to drink, and would be nice if they add some rivers or lakes to the game.
More food, I mean, they should really put more kind of food, I’m thinking in fruit trees, mushrooms (that can be good or bad for our health, depending of the type). Farming can be a good addition too, and a cattle farm would be great to us to get our food without going hunting and searching for animals.
Experience points: This is something I really believe this game needs to have, some kind of experience points than can be applied for example with crafting weapons, more experience = more slots weapon.
Only a horse would be reliable on this game, with the same needs as us, food (for the moment). So if we have a horse we need no build a stable (a place where the horse can rest, and eat).
Bricks, or stone, we really need that to make better bases.
Spiked wire, can be nice to hide near our bases or around them.
Traps, animal and people traps, more than one kind, I’m imagining like a bear trap or something like a hidden hole with spikes on it.
Safes, would be nice to have some secure safes only breakable using lots of c4 but this should be very hard to craft and with low storage space .

That’s what I can remember for now……