Game Improvement/Addons Using Existing Content v.3

Update Note Reposted for third time due to being buried under many, many noob posts on game basics that did not need be posted in first place if they just went to a Wiki site :confused: Last time I will post this

Here are some suggestions that could help polish game up a little using mostly existing Game Models & Resources:

World & Environment

  • Trees (Should have cut down trees before they can be harvested, 10x Hits with Stone Axe - 4x hits with Metal Hatchet)
  • Caves inside Mountain Areas (You could stash items or make little home in caves, Bears could live in them)
  • Weather Effects (Rain, Thunder Storms & Lightning, Snow, Fogs etc.)

Animals & Zombies (Animals Need Real A.I !)

  • Pigs (Wild Pigs are feral, dangerous animals that will attack humans with tusks when you get close but still be weak and easy to kill)

  • Wolves (Wolf AI needs work, these are pack hunters and should be dangerous in numbers, Wolves should hunt and kill other animals except zombies, wolf packs could roam around hunting prey, wolves that loose 80% health should run away like the deer)

  • Bears (Bears will kill people but they are not hyper aggressive, Bears can run faster than humans, they should roar and rear up on back legs as warning back off when get to close so player can retreat without getting attacked, so bears need new animations)

  • Zombies (The Zombies need total overhaul AI and Skins, I’m guessing these are Radiation-Mutant Zombies and not the Undead type so they could look more mutated and less human, Zombie attacks should poison (ex. eating raw meat) and increase rad points against players, Zombies need better pathfinding most time I find them frozen or stuck on walls, Zombies should attack animals.

Sharing Doors (Metal/Wood)

Playin with few friends on steam and biggest problem is sharing House/Base , only the player who puts down door can open it so unless make correct foundation/wall design get Multi-Doors for each team member its hard share space and get kinda trapped if put sleepin-bag behind your friends door and they are logged out.
Maybe find way give permission to another player(s) so you share all doors with hem, also way revoke the same permission from player(s) so you can change your position for whatever reason.

New Crafting Items

  • Metal Storage Chest ( ONLY player can open it, use same model as Storage box just needs new texture)
    (Need 4 explosive charges to break player’s lock forever, 2 more placed after that destroy box from game)

  • Metal Covers for Windows (enemy players can get into base through your windows very easy using staircase-ladder exploit, this will stop them and make bullet proof shields on windows shoot from helps improve base defending :downs:) (1/4 metal cost of door and 1 C4 charge to destroy)

  • Metal Sword and Machete (Higher Damage Melee weapons, Machete could be used harvest wood)

  • Metal Bow & Arrows (Higher Damage, also could have sight already on it) (The original Wood bow model looks strange maybe change it)

  • Smoke and Flash Grenades (counterstrike tactics for raiding bases :yarr:)

  • Traps (Bear Traps injure player leg for 1 minute, Land Mines, Rigged Gun Tripwires, Stone Deadfalls, Fuel traps burn up players :yarr:)

  • Sign Crafting (This will let players make signs that they can place on outside walls, custom letters and Variety of Logos make player bases more unique :eng101:)

Well that’s about it for fixes and addons without changing core gameplay and wish best luck to the developers, I will recommend this game to people on my Steam friends list :rock:.

i started to wonder if any of the devs are following this forum… i saw no reply so far… at least some reply could be good. So instead of continuous suggestions, we can take the route when they say “we can’t do this but we can do that one”


to “Metal Storage Chest”: maybe can make a key to friends or roommates.

Regarding pig A.I. I don’t feel they should be hostile, rather they should attack when attacked (e.g. neutral,) and wolves I do agree should travel in packs on rare occasion, that would bring in quite a challenge, but that would be cool. Bears should not become hostile until you get closer, they notice you way too soon. Also some better bear attack animations would be really cool. Other than that, I like these ideas, keep it up!

Hope you realize wild boar (like the ones depicted in the game) are extremely territorial and will more than likely attack anything that comes close to them. Well, in a realistic point of view that is.

Metal chest seems to need a lot of tampering with at least in the description you gave. I think you meant more of a metal lock to place on your boxes that would require c4 to break into. There is really not much incentive to spend 4 C4 on a box that won’t pay you back what you just used so I do not think this is worthwhile. Unless it’s breakable by hatchet or bullet damage.

Metal bow - I think that’s a troll suggestion. Let’s think inside the box here. A metal bow compared to a wooden one would have far less damage and the cost of producing one is far more costly. Metal arrows however is something I’m sure Garry and co. are working on already.