Game instantly crashes on startup

New to facepunch, wish i knew bout this sooner ~~… anyways here is my issue, sorry im basically gonna copy, paste what i said in steam “forum community” cause no one there knows the answer surprisingly… or no one wants to help ill go with the 2nd option… sorry for being irritated ~~…

“Okay i noticed a bunch of people saying the game wont work, but im not sure if they are having the same issue… i used to play Garry’s mod normally, i dont play with any additional mods since its still a “virgin copy” i just bought it to play some fun games like TTT and prop hunt stuff like that… unless those are addons? i unno anyways, recently… and this has been going on… since the last update i believe i cant even go into the game, period… i launch the game, shows that its launching through steam, get that amazing blue screen, for literally like half a second i tried timing it, its less then that actually… and then it closes… on its own, no error or anything… I used to have a popup from zone alarm requesting permission to allow it, i allowed EVERYTHING for this mod in zone alarm, still gave me that same stupid ass “allow / disallow” option bull… then i went to game mode basically telling it to shove it, and just accept everything, nope now it dont even gimme a pop up of zone alarm, it just goes blue screen, and then closes… DETAILED DESCRIPTION IM SORRY… but its freaking annoying me, i bought the game to have fun, not play… do u wanna start today?”

I have all the recommended specs for Garry’s Mod to work, and i have CS:S, CS works fine, tried un-installing and re-installing game same prob it wasnt a fix… if anyone can give me ANY help i would appreciate it… i bought this game like a month back… or some time ago, played it for 2 days, got some random ass update one day, then it never worked again. Kinda feel cheated to be honest… like 30 bucks to play for 2 days ~_~

Where is your Garry’s Mod folder located?

Yeah, same happening to me. Any fix yet?