Game is dead, needs update

Rust has died so far, all the servers I play on that used to be full have fallen down to zero. The game is boring now, once you have mastered the art of base building and grinding there is little to do. Aside from crafting combat gear and going out to pvp this game is pointless. The community has noticed that Rust is receiving little to no updates or feedback from the devs on the message boards. It appears that the crew has taken a break from the game or simply isn’t spending enough time working on the new material up on trello. I fear that if an update is not implemented this week Rust will fail, or be forgotten until it’s release (if it will be released at all, remember there are still children exposed to this anti-social game, once the media gets a hold of it you are done)

I strongly urge the devs to release whatever gameplay improvements they can asap, we don’t need new building objects right now we need more things to do in game that isn’t building or killing. Start releasing devs, the community has spoken.

(User was banned for this post ("Please don't make dumb demanding threads like this based on nothing, thanks" - postal))

Jesus kid, they are working on it, be patient, devs cannot do exactly what you want of them on a whim.

There is always power gamers like you that spend 6-12 hours a day on the game and grind it out to end game then complain there is nothing else to do. Game development takes time and LOTS of money. Its a long process which requires patience because if they rush it out and its buggy as hell everyone complains even more. Also remember this is essentially an indie game so they don’t have Millions backing them and their team at the moment.

You want something else to do, go play some of the community mods, or wipe your server more often so it gives you some fresh content.

The game is in alpha and stuff is coming, give it time. I wouldn’t be surprised if the zombie removal patch drops this week as it is already up on the dev servers

early access aka 10% done

any questions @Corosive?

I love when people make their personal opinion into an outlandish claim. You are not “the community”.

Yes they do.

Really? Alpha.

The game isn’t dead. If it weren’t for the attack on my server from some deadbeat jackass in upstate NY, it’d still be crowded. Over the weekend we exploded to 80something players on at peak time.

If you have the right admins, the game can be fresh.

It’s ALPHA!!!

As far as I have learn trough the years, alpha doesn’t mean almost done with a lot of bugs to fix?
I don’t think we can expect a large gameplay improvement.

I say, this game have a short life if the players get raid, unlucky or not inform. I also say that even if the players have all the oposite, the game have a short life.

This games is real fun, but not for long. Let’s see what the second episode of it can bring to fix that problem.

It’s called “emergent gameplay”.

There really is no point to any of it if you think about it the way you do. You’re doing things in a game that amount to a bunch of 0s and 1s. It is what you make it is. The game becomes fun through human interaction and developing your own “stuff” to do.

You could say the same thing about anything. I understand you want more things do be able to do as all of us do, but you can’t look at the game and go “OK I built a house and have stuff, now what?”

The game revolves around the interactions of you and others and how those interactions coalesce into new ways to play the game. The problem here isn’t the game not providing you with enough to do, it’s the limitations of your imagination. I’ve joined servers where people do clan wars, CTF, rescue the hostage, arena battles, search and rescue, etc.

Give it time and I’m sure once Garry and his team allow fuller control of modding you’ll see even more gameplay types emerging.

Yes because Rust is so anti social that it would surpass the coverage of all Grand Theft Auto titles. Content that children play is the responsibility of parents, not the developers.

I have been playing for some time now and every couple of weeks I take a break. It is a work in progress and the foundation of the game is fun, it is up to the developers to expand on that foundation to provide reasons for players to return. The game has been successful so far and that will provide added incentive to continue pushing for a better official release.

DO NOT voice yourself as the “community”, as our peers above have stated:

  1. You do not speak for anyone but yourself

  2. This is an Alpha stage game, be thankful we get to play it

  3. Time… The money part is covered at the moment, which can be a curse really. They were not ready for 750,000 sales at this point lol… Now they are scrambling to do what they can because they have more options.

If you are bored, take a break. I have logged 60+ hours in the last week and a half (much to the displeasure of the wife) and I’m still having a blast personally. But I am surrounded by a pretty good community on our server, and that makes a difference.

you might want to double check your info… They may be indie, but Garry and team have a butt load of money to put into this from Garry’s Mod. (and I think I read that Rust alone has pulled in $750K in no time flat)

to the OP:
Simply put, the game is Alpha. Its very early, you paid to check it out and help with the development. If you are bored, try another game? Pretty simple… not sure why people dont understand this?

750K is a lot of money, don’t get me wrong, and I’m glad they are doing as well as they are as Rust is awesome(one of the best games I’ve played in a LONG TIME), but its a drop in the bucket when it comes to development cost. Go Google what the costs are to make some of the games you play, the numbers are staggering

750k games sold x$20… Minus Steams cut…

You missed this post:

Which clearly outlines that they have made at least one order of magnitude more than that, and more than enough to fund the full development cost of a triple-A title built in Unity.

The ‘Game development time’ thing is a bit of a misnomer too. Yes, development obviously takes time and resources, but they are using Unity which should significantly speed up development time. Based on the resources they have (as seen on Trello) and the speed of updates, it has been pretty slow (They even self-admit this!). I believe there are 2 major factors here which are quite unfortunate:

  1. They are focusing on the wrong things. No one cares that you can have infinite flares if you hot-swap them. Other items like this take up valuable development time where it should still be focused on new features. Additionally, architecture issues and hackers also appear to be sapping quite a bit of time from the developers due to a rather vocally whiny community.

  2. They are only hiring for positions in a super shitty city in England. This drastically reduces the talent pool they could achieve and will elongate the time it takes to turn their millions into features. You could have 1 billion dollars but if you can’t hire the people it doesn’t matter. I assume this is done because Facepunch doesn’t have the back-end IT systems and Garry doesn’t have the management experience to lead a diverse and scattered team. This is not really the fault of Garry, that is a very tall order that is failed by organizations with far more experience than him, but when you combine that with his location it is going to cause some issues.

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man i can’t believe nobody plays the hit survival game rust anymore…

The game is not Dead, you bought an Early Access game and you pretend it needs updates.

The game is really well, i get in the get to have fun and all that stuff. If you think it needs updates, sir you just choose the wrong game to buy.