Game is freezing for 2-5 seconds every 20-30 seconds

Game is freezing for 2-5 seconds every 20-30 seconds. Does it happens only to me?
Memory leak again?

You can tell if it’s a memory leak because it will be using a lot of memory

Just refresh the page. That helped in my case.

I’ve checked it in my task manager and every time rust freezes plugin-containers memory usage is going up

Problem still occurs on every server

I get the same problem but not as bad, out in the world I get 1 second freezes every 30 seconds or so, in my house I get 1 second freezes every couple seconds.

CPU 4.5ghz i5 OC
GPU 560 ti 2gb
8gb corsair RAM

I use googlechrome if that makes a difference

I have a very similar system, and am also using chrome. I get the same thing, every 30 seconds or so there will be about a second or less of freeze lag.


Its most likely nothing to do with your pc guys. Its the objects in game (Builds ect…) It happens on every server. Your just loading objects and im pretty sure this will be fixed soon. :slight_smile:

Makes a lot of sense.

I would agree, however it happens more frequently when I’m in my, house running up and down the stairs ect.

Opera works amazingly for me

i have freezing issues in some areas where the buildings render in and get a load of null exception errors: object not set to and instance of an object.

i think some of this coulds be a bad line of code somewhere.