Game is laggy..Help me!

I’ve set them to the lowest setttings,but it still lags…so badly,someone help me?
I don’t know if it got anything to do with my PC,but i have no problems playing other games like bf 3,war z and etc…

Thanks for the help!

What are your Specs

Oh sorry forgotten to mention that

i5-3470 quadcore 3.2ghz 64bit windows 8 8GB ram

anything else i missed?


nvidia geforece gt630


I’ve i3 530 @2.93Ghz, 6GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and only get lag when it’s rendering massive buildings. Have you tried updating your drivers?

That gpu isn’t good at all, i have an ati equivalent (performance wise) and I run the game on 20fps in 1080p resolution, so decrease your resolution and go to fullscreen, that should fix it.

am I able to upgrade my GPU?I bought this PC and it’s Acer Predator Gaming PC,do you think it’s possible to upgrade it?

I wil;l try it,thanks

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it’s all updated :frowning:

You don’t have problem with your PC, and Connection, just the servers…

ok thx