Game is running at 13 fps on Low Settings

I honestly have no idea is wrong with my Rust, I ran it better on my Dell Inspiron. I have this: ( computer, and it can run Fallout 4, and a bunch of other recent games fine, but for some reason Rust runs horribly on it. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Make sure Rust is using your GTX 960M and not the integrated graphics.

Yes this seems to be a recurring theme for laptop users! Hit F1 in game and look at the “system” tab…I bet it says “Intel graphics”!

Laptop not for gaming
Desktop for gaming.

960M = GTX650 desktop.

I had old pc has i5 2500k and GTX650ti got 30-40fps (if GTX650 without Ti hope 15-20fps like this.)

Laptop sucks.

Unplug the potato my friend!

A GTX 960M is more than capable of handling Rust at a decent framerate. It’s more likely than not an issue of Rust using his integrated card instead of the 960M.

Laptops just aren’t built for gaming especially not for playing a game such as rust that is in some serious need of optamization, damn I have heard people with desktops using a gtx 960 that get bad Fps.

I have a gaming laptop for when I’m away from home, this game runs fine on it. [It has a gtx 760m in it, which yours clearly beats].

Ignore the laptop haters and check to make sure rust isn’t using Intel HD

Yeah joey it may run but let me ask you this, what graphics setting are you playing at? If a game looked like shit for me I wouldn’t even consider playing it. ps Im still waiting on your video of you downing the heli with a boltie. :wink: