Game is Unavailable.

So yeah, normal day, mapping in hammer. Woopdefreakin’ do.

I decide hey, let’s go test this map. Start up Gmod, “Game is currently unavailable, please try again later.” Oh, no problem, go delete the .blob, happens all the time. “Game is currently unavailable, please try again later.” Oh, what the fuck. I started lookin’ around the net for some fixes. So far, no dice.


Restarting steam works for me.

Check the processes tab on Task manager to see if a ghost hl2.exe appeared (may have been left running since you last closed it and it decided not to close properly)

Nope. It might help to note that I ran Gmod with Hammer and SDK up.

Yeah, there’s other people with the problem. /ragequit

Try out this steam support article, This game is currently unavailable - Specific Error Messages - Knowledge Base - Steam Support

I’ve looked at it before and none of the useless shit there works. I think It’s a Garry’s Mod problem, not a steam problem.

Problem Fixed - Deleted Dua folder.