Game is unplayable after this week's update for my whole clan. :(

This is the first time an update has rendered the game “unplayable” for us, so I guess we’re lucky! But, these are major issues, and while I know MANY others are having the same issues as I’ve seen several threads, I’m just making sure the devs are aware.

  1. High External Walls are not able to be placed, and no placement marker appears when selected. I have seen reports of various other bugs appearing when players attempt/select an external wall and try to place one.

  2. Even worse, my WASD controls get screwed up after just 60 seconds of gameplay on ANY server, randomly reassigning themselves to different directional inputs as if my player was “drunk”. To top it off, the mouse doesn’t always give input once the directional issues begin. If my character dies, it seems to reset for a few seconds, then it has come back every time without fail.

These are both dealbreakers for me. Can’t play at all until the control issue is resolved - and I choose not to play if the walls aren’t working, because I FINALLY had a worth while tool to assist in base defenses. They became an integral part of my base planning, and without them, it’s just still too easy to raid.

Please fix, guys. We’ve all moved to other games for now but we really want our Rust fix! :frowning:

So you copy pasted this response 3 times in 3 different threads within 10 minutes of each other…for what, exactly? Could you maybe let the developers SLEEP without spamming up the forums with what is essentially useless bumping? There’s ALWAYS a hotfix the day after a patch, so take a chill pill and play something else until it’s sorted.

I’m using linux, and currently the code is throwing exceptions in the graphics library or something. I dunno. Anyone who plays on linux can’t play the game at all.

It sounds like you could use a chill pill yourself. lol. Just making sure it’s being noted. I doubt they are losing any sleep over it. But, if you lose sleep over reposts, you might want to steer clear of the internet.

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OUCH, that’s bad! Hope they get that sorted out too!