Game is Unplayable and HAS been unplayable.

How the fuck am I supposed to play properly if I desync every 3-5 minutes? My actual body stops moving and stands there but at this point I’m a ghost that can interact with nearby stuff. However I cannot see the loot tab, get resources, and deal damage. All the while my ACTUAL body is at risk of dying because he just stands there but keep in mind, we don’t know this until we see the symptoms of the desync and until then it might be too late, someone might have already killed our afk body. Having to reconnect constantly is just annoying and puts me at risk. The amount of times that I’ve been killed while desynced is stupid.

On the otherhand people who have learned to control desyncing are using it to their advantage as a glitch.

Please fix this.

I have already tried DMZ mode and just removing the router and straight up connecting to the modem.

Sorry you are having this issue. I have yet to experience it personally. :frowning:

Its like Astral Projection, but for rust lol.

Took the words out of my mouth. This is how I feel about it, but they have said they’re aware of it and are working diligently on fixing it. It’s HIGH PRIORITY for them according to their Trello page, which lists it as ‘ghosting’ so try to be patient. I’m in the same boat though, so patience has escaped me as well.

Please have patience while in a hard-hat area. Beware of falling exploits. Play something else if Rust is having problems and isn’t any fun, and come back soon when you’re ready to try again, hopefully the problem’s been fixed by then.

I have yet to ever experience issues like this with the game. It’s been smooth sailing for me. Perhaps you should upgrade your presumably poopy hardware/internet.

The game is fun guys when it works, I guess just have some more patience. I’ve been had with BF4 for a while and I will still play it. We are in a gaming era where one simply cannot expect stuff to work even when you pay for it, why, I have no idea but this has slipped in and now we are getting more and more of it.

At least there is other games, wait for a fix then jump back in. The good side is instead of getting bored of the game during the alpha maybe it will happen when there is more stuff implemented, maybe you will stick to it.

That was my experience with Terraria, loved it then got bored before they implemented everything and never came back.

There is still a good side to this, well unless you boycott the game forever right now.

i lold

I like how “this is alpha” is a perfect excuse to anything not working.

An excuse? It’s like buying a car before it’s done being assembled, if your brain can’t conceive that it might not work then maybe you should wait until it is completely done before spending your precious dollars.

I do not experience this. This is not a Rust problem or a community problem or something. The problem is either with the server’s host or your internet connection. This is YOUR problem, not ours.

Prepare yourself a storms brewin’

you just got dunkd by lbj

Surprise, many people have connection problems. If it were a Rust problem, everyone would be having it. Most people don’t.

Bam. Sit down, kid.

Lol, not sure if srs. Half the people on my teamspeak gets desync problems. Just accept the fact that you got roasted and continue playing your game thanks.

" If it were a Rust problem, everyone would be having it " Remember this Rust problem? : Failed to connect (Facepunch_Connector_AuthFailure). That was a known Rust problem, but not everyone had it. Wait… according to your logic it’s not a rust problem then because not EVERYONE was having it.

I get these issues too as do 2 of my friends, im having a break while they fix it as it is unplayable. Ignore jesus as hes an obvious 12 year old troll.

Having played the game for a few hours even with this issue i see great potential so i reckon it will be worth the wait :slight_smile:

What Jesus was saying, is it seems that most of the Rust community doesn’t seem to be having this desync problem. Just a select few.

Now, the Failed to connect (Facepunch_Connector_AuthFailure) error message, the majority of the community had, therefore it’s a rust error.

I myself have never had this desync problem.

Also, if there are several other posts about the same thing you’re complaining about, then why did you make another thread?

Because FP Doesn’t seem to care?

I see, so yourself and jesus have a database with exactly how many people experience this issue? Your vast programming knowledge tells you that your working fine so everyone else must be too?

I’m afraid i can only go on personal experience and only have a few buddies play this of which another 2 besides me have this issue. I have also seen many threads created on this,

But no its fine you guys dont have the issue so i must be imagining it, my bad :confused:

This issue is very important to be solved. It does, however, only affect less than 1% of the userbase

less than 1% is still a couple of hundred no?