Game keeps crashing 2 minutes in the server

Hey everytime i join a rust server since the force wipe on july 7th 2022.
my game keeps crashing 2 min in the server.
Seeing alot of ppl having the problem. I wonder if its known by developers and if theres
being worked on a solution because theres alot of people that are unable to play the game at the moment.

I got the same problem, i did crash yesterday for a while, but today 2 - 5 minutes after joining the serveur, the game freeze and Rust.exe doesnt respond.
When it crashes, i see that my RAM is overused by rust, maybe it’s a memory leak ?
I moved the game to another disk, updated my drivers and tried a dozens others things i found on net, but nothing is working…

Everyone crashes out of the game, it is impossible to play.