Game keeps crashing but all other similar posts are not quite the same problem

i am playing Gmod TTT usually and every now and then, mostly when i die, my game freezes, loops a bit of sound then crashes. is there any help for my game? or is it permanently buggered?

-Rglr Ibw Apyus

Verify game integrity on Steam by right clicking “Garry’s Mod” clicking Local Files and then clicking

After doing that is there anything else that i got to do? or does that fix it?
it said two files failed… i am not really sure of what i need to do.

I tried again and it said they are all validated.

I tried playing and it lasted MUCH longer… but eventually crashed again…
anything else i gotta do?

Remove all the Workshop addons you don’t need, maybe one of them is causing an error that crashes your Garry’s Mod eventually

im pretty sure it`s not the addons, because the crashing started ages after i got the latest one… but i could give it a go and i will update this reply based on the results

after several attempts to check, the game still crashes. so its not the addons.