Game keeps crashing on launch.



Title says it all,

My RUST keeps crashing when I try to play it. I get to the launcher fine but the moment I press play I get this message:

“The game crashed.
The crash report folder named “2013-11-08_122024” next to game executable
It would be great if you’d send it to the developer of the game!”

The game was working fine last night but I tried launching it this morning and this happened.

I’ve tried:

  • Validating steam files
  • Uninstalling it from steam then re-installing
  • Restarting steam
  • Restarting computer
  • Launching the game with different resolutions and graphics settings

This isn’t isolated because I’ve seen other people saying they have the same issue so if you are having this problem please say so in this thread so we can generate enough attention to get this resolved!

Would love any feedback and I’ll keep this thread updated with my attempts to fix it and if you know where to send the crash folders then please say so in the thread.

Cheers :zoid:

turn off fullscreen that fixed it for me

No dice

I’ve tried changing ALL graphics settings including fullscreen and windowed and I’m still having the problem.

same issue / interest bump… please fix =/

same thing is happening to me…i wodner if its happening to everyone?

Its definitely not happening to everyone but its happening to a large enough amount of people that this isn’t negligible.

Steam>Games>RUST>Rightclock RUST>Options>Start options (I guess thats how its called)
(Or whatever its called in english)

And write in there : -force-d3d9


Its working for me! I’ll put it at the top of the thread!

well now thats back up and the server i play on is down X(

i fucking love you guys, thanks for the temp… <3 my friends are in skype like YO GET ON WE GET SO MUCH SHIT… and i’m like… yeah… =’(

your welcome :smiley:

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what servers are you guys playing on?

steam>settings>turn off steam beta

new steam update is crashing the game

Thanks it worked for me as well

Yeah, I’ve been getting those crashes only on fullscreen.

Just got the crash too. had to force

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Steam just put out another beta update to fix the crashes in DX11 games under windows 7.

Rust works again without that force or putting it in windowed mode.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

just got this error starting yesterday, and nothing works to fix it, not even that temp solution…

anyone got any idea whats going on with this error?

the temp solution did not even work for me, i have no idea what is wrong,just that i get the same error as the creator of this topic…

i have not been able to enter rust for a week now, due to the fact i did not have internett, so now struggling with this error the past 2 days,after i got internett back, is really annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

any dev or admin or moderator or whatever that are able to find out what the problem is? and how to fix it? :S

The thread has been dead since November, I don’t even know if the game was on Steam yet. These fixes explained here are likely very out of date.

yeah i know this thread is old, but it was the onlyone i could find here with this problem, and since someone told me before, that i should post in old threads with same problem,instead of making a new thread, that is why i opened this thread again lol

Can’t edit my post from my phone but the game obviously was on Steam at the time.

A lot of those launch commands have kinda been messed with and turned off and on over the course of development.

Have you sent the crash log to the devs yet like the error says to?