Game keeps crashing

Every time I launch the game, it says “Loading…” on the bottom right corner. I can’t get past that, the game crashes afterwards (“hl2.exe has stopped working”). There is no .mdmp file created, no log file, no anything that might help with identifying the problem.
I tried reinstalling the game a several times, nothing.
Restarting didn’t help too.

Here’s what I’ve tried
Adding -dxlevel 8 or 81, 90, 95, 100, 110 in the launch options
Reinstalling the game
Restarting my computer
Deleting all Garry’s Mod files in steam cloud
Verifying integrity of game cache
Unsubscribing from all addons
Deleting the “bin” folder

Anyone else having the same problem? How do I fix it? I’m using windows 8.1

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FIXED!!! Someone posted a new thread and said TF2 is causing the problem
I’ve renamed the TF2 folder and deleted it on steam
It works now!