Game keeps losseing connection *help*

So i playd rust beffore ,when it came out and i dident have this problem :tinfoil:

Now i instal the game and start up the game ewerythign is fine, then i join the server and after 5 min or so i cant interact with anything …i cant open crates i click e but they wont open, i hit the trees or a rock to collect recorses nothing heppens. :suicide:

then i relog and i get teleported beck whenever i lost conection or something,So if anyone is out there u can help me i would be realy heppy… i tryd a few things but dident seem to work. i cant realy tell wtf is even the problem i never had this kinda problem before with any kind of game. And this heppens on all servers and i reinstald the game still dident help. :suicide: