Game King: Story Briefs series

Hello ladies and gentlemen. 9 months ago, I uploaded the first Game King: Story Briefs, which is simply a “Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences” imitation with blurbs written by some Chinese gaming manufacturer (TimeTop) and narrated by Dr. Ashen

You know Game King? It’s one of those Chinese handhelds. The highlight is that the writings on the back of the game boxes (Yes, the system has game cartridges sold) are in hilariously broken English

And this is the second one which I just uploaded:

I hope you enjoy them!

1st one was rather long but fun nonetheless.
The 2nd one was just funny as hell.

I rather enjoyed the credit song at the end of the 2nd but I cant seem to find any sort of download or link to it anywhere.

Extra Terrestrial LIIIIFE.

6:27 - how can you do such a smoothy animation? What program are you using?

#and Yes, funny as hell :smiley:

great i like it

How did you do the scenes where theres like a hundred thigns comeing in at once.

Like with the planes in the sky and the TF2 humen armeh going into a building
And while generally good the best part has to be the editing here.

To connect two or more things to move at once, use Weld. For the planes, I used Smart-Welder so I could weld all the planes together in no longer than 5 seconds

I used Advanced Prop Spawner and Directional Gravity

Im guessing you got a pretty big rig cause dear god if i go to around maybe 20-30 of them ragdolls at most before it starts lagging up 9.9 even though i got a pretty decent rig

Here’s a secret: Source Recorder

Was that actually Dr. Ashen voicing it or did you just sample the Game King video he did?

For the first video, I took the narration from this video and the reason why the voice quality is kind of crap is that I had to remove the background music using Audacity
For the second video, the narration was made specifically for that video by request