Game Launch

Whenever I try to start up garry’s mod boom a ugly message meets me xD

" This Game Is Currently Unavailable Please Try Again Another Time"

Any known fix?:suicide:

There are many fixes. And many people will give you different fixes. I’ve had that happen to me numerous times.

What I hear from people to do:

Delete ClientRegistry.blob
Validate Game Cache
Give Garrys Mod time [Fucking utter shit reply]
Delete every folder in the Gmod directory, and reinstall.
Exit Steam, run as admin.

That’s all I’ve been told what to do, sometimes one of those helps. Shit, you’ll get replies that are different.

which one worked for you?


3rd one is so fucking idiotic.

First and Second didn’t work i don’t want to lose all my maps and addons though right now im going to try fifth thanks for replying :smiley:

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well steam wont launch now…