Game loads then closes after update

just did the update it loads then it crashes or closes.

Yes client is broken unfortunately


here’s a short clip if its needed


Same happening here ( UK -17:33 steamid: Masterblode)

Garry said he was looking into it.

hope he fixes this soon this puts half the people who cant play right now at a disadvantage for ingame

Client build seems to be happening on jenkins right now.

just updated and it still happens to me

Unistalled an reinstalled and it loaded for me.

Probably because the update just hit 4 minutes ago.

updated still not working for me :frowning:

Still happening for me too after the update. (UK - 18:06 steamid: masterblode)

delete the config cfg file in: rust>cfg>config.cfg CONFIRMED WORKING

still happens after the second update.

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this fixed it for me

Confirmed working for me too !

There is no such file in that folder. Only client.cfg

Fix your game already. I payed money to be able to play the game and now you force wipes and cant even let everyone have a fair advantage straight pissing me off.

there is a good reason for forced wipes and there have always been forced wipes in rust this is not new… and you are playing an alpha stage game expect issues deal with it… just saying

Reinstall did not work for me. Running on Windows 8.1 Pro