Game locking up at random, forcing me to close with task manager

Lots of lockups, some just while trying to place items, some while moving stuff in inventory.

Same problems experienced here, always when inventory is open by the looks of it.

No error codes or log files generated, just app hang with sound loop forcing closure by task manager.

I get this problem often on other games like TF2, but it hadn’t ever happened to me on Rust until this new patch. Figured it was just me.

I am experiencing the same issue :frowning:

+1 - hasn’t ever happened over the last 3-4 weeks, now its every 20-30 minutes.

I suspect this is raknet issue based on the timing.

Same issue here. The first time I was strolling through a forest, no inventory opened or anything like that…after closing Rust with the task manager I logged back in (I had been killed by a wolf I guess in the mean time) After just a few moments In game I opened my inventory and the game immediately locked up. That brought me here to see this thread.

Been playing Rust again over the last few days, and have yet to have any gameplay issues. After tonights update, the game freezes every 10-20 mins. (when im chopping down a tree from what i’ve noticed) I have to task manager out, and end task… glad im not the only one with this issue, thought it was me…

Same problem here also battling to reconnect to servers



Same. Another update another problems

Same here.

Can I say same. Just happened to me.

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Sorry to double post, but after the first crash I couldn’t even play. Game froze a few more times while I was running around, would freeze when I would respawn at a sleeping bag (hung on receiving data), and when launching (on receiving data also).

Yeah, happening to me too!

Yeah between faulty furnaces and random crashes it’s pretty much impossible to play at the moment.

I imagine when Garry gets to work and sees all the bugs we’ve found he’ll get right on it tho, given the friday boom:rock:

Having same problem aswell

We’re on this. Seems to be a Unity bug relating to sound playback.