Game locking up at random, forcing me to close with task manager

I’ve been experiencing this on occasion, sound looping and then crash.

Furnaces are bugged as well. Sometime they will burn wood, produce charcoal but stop smelting the actual ore. :confused:

I had a feeling it was related to the sounds- personally it only happens to me while I’m sprinting.

It’s crashed 4 times now and it locks up the cursor in Task Manager so it forces a complete computer reset.

Good to know it’s being looked at and I can’t wait for the hotfix.

F2- I placed my sound on Mono and the crashing seemed to stop. I will update you if I crash again.

Also me… but mostly when I just running…

Being related to the sound module makes sense in hindsight. My lockups occurred during something that would cause a new sound to play – pulling out an axe, starting to run, putting away a bow, etc.

Don’t kill sleepers until its fixed, for the love of Judy.

I have same issue, need task manager to close the rust client, glad to hear they are aware of this issue.