game menu/qmenu

hey guys
i have seen peope having problems with resizing the qmenu but what i want to know if its also doable to relocate the tools?

i wish i could use pictures but the site wont allow me to upload :confused:

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but the place where you have like this

" Tools | Post Processing | Utilities | Options | (and here the addons you downloaded)"
and before it was all fine and was useable but since a little while somehow the layout changed
before it was like this:
" Tools | Post Processing | Utilities | Options | Wire| Stargate| CAF| PCmod2|"
and now its like this :
" Tools | Post Processing | Utilities | Options |CAF | Stargate | Wire |PCmod2

and since i use wire most of all of them i want to change it to one of first or all the way in front
but i cant find where i can change it or if its even possible

anybody have any clue on how to do that? or if its possible?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This would be useful information if anyone knows.

i searched around a bit but couldnt find any post or info about it and what i searched trough the files i couldnt find a file i could edit with that :S strange tho how it changed then somehow… so it must be stored somewhere
i dont think its hardcoded into gmod for the reason i just said it changed not so long ago for me

cmon guys nobody knows this?

i guess either people dont care about this or dont want to help me find out .