Game Mode HUD

hello thanks for taking the time to read my post.

well guys I recently got my hands on an old gmod 9 game mode that was never quite finished (well this version any way).

For the most part it plays really good has a small issue with the round restart. But the HUD is really letting it down it looks old and not so cool. So i have come up with a new design that i think will suit it much better. thing is i cant make hud’s for trying and the 1 it has now just confuses the Crapper out of me.

so here is what i need made

that’s pretty junk image i know but i suck at drawing.

as well as that it needs to have the info from the game mode display and update the image explains the timer a bit but i will explain it better here.

The Timer:

The timers job is to count down from 1 minute to 0 and when it reaches 0 it runs a function and spawns the players (function sorts out who is going on what team I think may need changing). Once it has done that and every one has spawned it starts counting up in till the round ends Or 20 min witch ever comes first (would then Run another function at both situations).

The top left Corner:

As you can see i intend for the Nobs on the Hud to move from side to side to display How far Through the level the team is. This movement could be based off of the Team upgrades or another value some how I’m not 100% sure on how/what it needs to move in that case i would be happy to supply some files at your request.

After this is done:

i should be able to Remove the Team pick system and make it fully auto to reduce some players winning over and over again and making it not fun for every one else.

I am sorry for the Huge wall of text and i hope my spelling and grammar is readable.

I think I know what you’re talking about, this is the old Fortwars Gamemode which was made ages ago, forgot who it was made by but nevertheless.

Unfortunately im pre-occupied, I could get round to making a basic template for others to expand on.

Garrysmod 9 isn’t supported anymore.

1 it is not fortwars
2 it works the whole mode runs in gmod 10 it just needs a new HUD the game mode was coded about 9 months ago and never finished im just finishing it.

you should of known it was not fort wars because i said the bar shows how far through the level they are and it is numbered 0 to 3 why would fortwars need that?
the HUD needs to just move to the 4 points depending on the Level value that comes from the trigger boxes in the map

if you must know it is for a Build to the top Type Game mode but it has a bit of a twist it has check points and your whole team receives upgrades at each checkpoint. i should of put that in OP i know sorry!

Lol’d @ your requested HUD being an exact copy of the Darkland Fortwars HUD. Once I was done laughing at that, I realized you cant even spell your own name right, SGT_KILL.

Anywho, try coding it yourself instead of plaguing both Darkland and Facepunch with your “code me this pls” threads.

Go read your Pm and stop posting here if all you want to do is insult me
another thing iv never asked for help before this post the only other 1 was asking for community input but you would not know that because you never read the whole thing.