Game Mode Idea: Guns and Knives

Hello guys I’m new here so here’s my Idea for a new Game mode in gmod (Guns and Knives)

This is more like a Hide and Seek with guns, Hiders will have knifes and Seekers will have guns
So your Objective here is to kill the Seeker (if you are a Hider) or Kill every Hiders (If you are the seeker)
There will be 1 Seeker and the rest are Hiders (depends on the server, example: 20 players, 1 Seeker and the rest are hiders)
The seeker’s gun is pistol and the hider’s health is 1 (same with the seeker)
k bye love me pls


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That sounds like suicide barrels/zombie survival.

İt is just deatmatch gamemode…