Game mode idea

I think it would be a cool gamemode for people who like to build forts, if you made a gamemode where you had 2 classes, a leader(someone who makes a fort and is the leader of it), and a Worrior(someone who doesnt want to make a fort but rather join someone elses and can fight and protect it. there was somthign that already out but it was annoying when ppl went to build mode to jsut fly around and kill people without worry of dieing so if osmeone could take the chalenge of this gamemode please do.

No offense, but there are already like 3 fort-based games. I doubt we need another.

the only one i saw only allows you rto use crates and not all of the props

Well then you’ve missed out, theres one that doesn’t involve flying (like you said in your first post) and uses classes. (Nox’s Gamemode) And then there is the classic FortWars which allows for use of pretty much any medium to large prop from the common Gmod prop menu. (FortWars) And then I forgot the third one.

can you get me a link to it then?

Well no, considering both are private gamemodes and can’t simply be used. FortWars belongs to the Fretta Servers and Nox Fort belongs to . . . well the Nox Servers.

I didn’t quite understood that you meant for YOU to use.