Game Mode Idea's

I’m really on edge wanting to start my own project, I want to create a new original game mode. I don’t want it to be RP, so I’m coming to you guys for suggestions and what type game mode would you guys like to see?

I personally want to see a remake of PSW (Pirate Ship wars), Or, GMR (Gmod Racer)

Try the Hunger Games. Went well in Mc

Definetly PSW.

Remake DayZ in GMod =S

(seriously… I’d love to see this/be a part of something like this)

A good remake of PSW.

You do know that it would be nothing like DayZ.

Doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting.

Ive always wanted to see a battlefield type gamemode using neuroplanes

If there was some maps good enough i would make it.

If only Gmod supported big maps like chenarus

Are you proficient at what you do? I could lend mapping skills if serious effort would be put towards development.

Past work:

contact me on steam.

Juggernaut Balls, or maybe Melon Hunter

Every player starts out the around as a Hunter Mine (from the HL2 Helicopter).[/t]
You control your mine by rolling it in third person perspective, mines can’t be destroyed from impact damage, but all mines can self destruct themselves with an explosion and can be killed by explosions from other mines. When the hunter mine player explodes, he respawns instantly somewhere else on the map.

All hunter mines spawn on different places in the map at the beginning of the round. In the middle or at a randomly generated placement, spawns a Shining Melon.

The first player to explode the shining melon, becomes the Juggernaut Melon.

The Juggernaut Melon is controlled by rolling in a third person perspective just like the Hunter Mines. The Juggernaut Melon is harder to control due to its oval shape, it can be destroyed by impact damage, and it can be destroyed by the explosions from Hunter Mines. (It can obviously no longer self destruct explode)

Once a player becomes the Juggernaut Melon, a timer at the top of the screen will appear showing how long that player have been the Juggernaut Melon. Every Hunter Mine will see a tracker on their hud showing where the Juggernaut Melon is. If a Juggernaut Melon is killed by an explosion from a Hunter Mine, the Hunter mine becomes the new Juggernaut Melon and the other player is respawned as a Hunter Mine. If the Juggernaut Melon dies from impact damage or something else not caused by the explosion of a Hunter Mine, a new shining melon will spawn somewhere on the map.

The objective of the game is to survive as the Juggernaut Melon for 2 minutes (subject to change).
When a player survives two minutes as the Juggernaut Melon, he becomes the Juggernaut Mine for 30 seconds.

The Juggernaut Mine is invincible and explodes anyone in a radius close to it. When a player becomes the Juggernaut Mine, they have won the game, and their 30 seconds as the Juggernaut Mine is basically just a short humiliation round before the next round starts.

• Everyone starts out as a Hunter Mine that attacks with an explosive selfdestruct
• The first person to destroy the Shining Melon becomes the Juggernaut Melon
• Any Hunter Mine that destroys the Juggernaut Melon becomes the new Juggernaut Melon
• The Goal of the game is to survive two minutes as the Juggernaut Melon
• The player who wins becomes the Juggernaut Mine for a 30 second humiliation round before the next round starts.

Gmod DayZ! I will run through the streets NAKED chanting that. I had the idea for DayZ In gmod the other day. MAKE IT COME TRUE.

It wont ever happen, the source engine cant handle a map big enough to make the gameplay enjoyable. Its also far too complicated and brutal for 90% of the gmod community.

Kids will rage and DDoS everything when they die, we’ve all seen how mad they get in games when they die and lose absolutely nothing.

I am working on bringing back PSW:E for GM13 and making improvements on it. Never played DayZ I just know that it has zombies but maybe I could do something if I knew what it was about.

PSW with anything like Gravity Hull Designator

Make a gamemode about igloos.
How would it play?
Fucked if I know, I just love me some igloos.
Just look at this sexy thing.

Winter Survival remake… PSW remake… Dogfight remake…
So many gamemodes which could be recoded.

stranded + darkrp + zombies = dayz in gmod

results of hunger games rp:

** [YoungHotgirl|PrttyBlkHair|bow|knife|sword|flail|Swift|GotHops] says “Hey… lets crawl in this cave and fuck.” **

Results of IglooWars( FortWars is overrated ) -

"Oh fuck walrus."