Game Mode Ideas

We have PVP and Non-PVP modes, I would like to see these options explored.

I would like to see faction mode. There are 2,3, or 4 factions on the server. When you die, you re-spawn into one of the factions and must work with your group to dominate resources on the map.

Everyone vs. the Zombies mode. There are increased zombie hordes. You spawn with a basic structure built. It is your groups responsibility (everyone is in the same group, or there are multiple groups on the map) to gather resources to bolster defenses, expand to multiple outposts. All while zombie hordes increase in numbers.

I think it would kinda fun to have a Capture the Flag mode.

Everyone spawns fairly close to one another, Red team versus Blue team (armor color). Flag carrier can only walk, rather than run. Predetermined weapons at the start of each round. IE: Round 1 = Everyone only has rocks! Round 2 = Everyone spawns with Hatchets… and so forth

I’m not sure how I feel about objective gamemodes when games like Rust rely on dynamic gameplay so heavily. However, you can steal ideas from gamemodes.

What about an indestructable beacon? Having a beacon in your house would mean airdrops would drop closer to your house (although not on top of it, just sort of in the area.) That would be incentive enough for groups of people to fight over it.

You could make it real obvious that someone has it since every time an airdrop would occur, it would have flashing red lights turn on and emit an extremely loud siren.

I think that the premise of this game is to allow people to decide this based off of their community/server. No need to force restrictions.

I was on a server with quests and economy and all other plugins

one thing the admin was trying to implement was a “purge mode”

one night every 5 in game days ALL doors automatically open up everywhere

and you have to decide offence or defence

i think this would be a fun game mode

You know zombies are going away, right?

What do you mean?

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What i would really love to see in rust is a Hunger Games-ish game mode i bet it would be so awesome!