Game mode team looking for one more lua coder. Read for more information please.

** -This thread was posted in lua Scripting for the simple fact of it did not fit any category- **

My team and myself are looking for a lua coder. Must have the understanding of game mode functions and scripting.

The game mode is a that you build and kill inside, for more information please private message me though Face Punch. We are taking anyone’s application that will be judged upon by our benefactors (^•^). You can reach me threw Face Punch Private Messaging, Email which will be displayed at the end of this thread, post it as a replay-comment, or add me on steam which will also be posted at the end of this thread.

** -Gamershaze and staff

Email: **

Steam ID: Search Gamershaze . I am the one with the picture and has been on within 1185 days. Please do not add me on steam without saying your steam name inside a post so I know not to probably ignore your invitation.

** P:S ** The reason we limit what we tell you about this game mode is to avoid certain possibility’s. This will also show if you are serious. As said before, please contact me if you would like to know more about the game mode and to show us your talent in lua.

I heard about this game mode! OMG



This thread will not go well unless you post information about what we will need to do most threads end up locked unless you do so just a warning to you

-You ask somebody to help you in her/his free time. There are people who are willing to pay for a lua coder.
-You tell nothing about Wat we have to do
-You have spelling like a 10 year old. /gammarnazi

getting ideas isn’t the biggest problem the problem is turning your idea’s in to reality. Tell us some more about want your plan is

His grammar and spelling is ten times better than yours, just saying.

I’m C to the UNIT add me

oh dear…

I want to know bout this guys gamemode =3

You really should tell us about your gamemode, otherwise people won’t take you seriously.

…not really :smug: