Game Not Avalible

Please Help i Bought G-mod A Couple Of Days Ago And now Just out of The Blue it wont open Help
Me Im Pissed

Use a shortcut or in steam, go to games, and click Garry’s mod

Try restarting steam.

i tried Both Of Those No help

Try restarting the computer, reinstall computer, reinstall Garry’s mod, whatever. Just don’t complain to the company because almost everyone else has it working.

What’s with the random capitalization? Either capitalize your words properly or don’t capitalize them at all, don’t sometimes put a capital at the start of a word then other times not.

It’s some type of weird spelling disorder, I dunno, but I’ve seen hundreds of people typing like that, it annoys me too.

lol im sorry but ive already restarted my computer

Then… make a wish and sleep well =S

Ok thanks any other suggestions

Capital letters belong at the start of words, at the begining on a name, or on the word ‘I’.

Im sorry about my capitalzation give me a break

reinstall it and update your drivers

I think you should stay on topic. Regi has the same problem I had before, except it’s not fixing.

Ok my drivers are already up to date and i thought if i reinstalled it i would have to buy it again

No you don’t need to pay again. If you had to then…

no just right click on it delete local content an rienstall from the uninstalled list

okay thanks i might sound like a newb asking this but…how?


thanks ill get back to you guys in one sec

right click, delete local content, reinstall

You just made a thread that shows in the ticker a lot =D