Game not Launching

Hey guys, I keep getting this message when i try to launch Experimental version of rust

“Rust Launcher Error: NetworkError- Could not connect to the EasyAntiCheat network!”

I have tried various things,

Ran it as a administrator
tried to reinstall the anti cheat
I had a look around on the net, I found a few things which i tried i check if i had connection to some server thing and i didn’t apparently
My firewall is not blocking this
I have verified the Game integrity
I have reinstalled rust completely

I can launch Legacy but servers do not load in it for me, This has only happened since the latest update for me i was playing before the mining rig was added in and now i cannot D: and i really want to play atm it seems to be a waste of 20$ in the game, I hope you guys can help me.

Hey Anyone got a Fix for this at all? I really want to play and it is really annoying to wait i have a lot of friends that i want to play with and all I can do is listen to them playing :stuck_out_tongue: and it’s annoying XD

No one has a fix for this? D: aww

I recently had this problem and it mainly occurs when you are using the Avira Antivirus. It blocks access to the AntiCheat servers. Just exclude the anticheat file from the block and you should be fine.

Hmm i am not using Avira but it may be another anti virus :stuck_out_tongue: i will look at the settings