Game not optimised for GTX 980Ti

I’ve recently upgraded GPU from GTX670 to GTX980Ti and there is no difference in my FPS at all (maybe about average +5).

Max settings: 25-70 FPS with average of 40 FPS.
Very low settings: 50-80 with average of 60 FPS.

I have no other bottlenecks (max processor usage 50%, RAM 12,5GB out of 16GB avaiable).

**The GTX 980Ti card is not using it’s full power **(using around 600MB average with maximum temperature of 60C).

Is there any other way I could somehow force my GPU to use more power for Rust?
I believe I should be able to run the game on max settings with FPS not falling under 45-60 - (Witcher III with max settings and hairworks allows me to play with stable 60+ FPS [with temperature up to 85C]).

My R9 390 didn’t break 75C on Rust, but it did give me about 80 FPS or so.

Not sure what your problem might be, but it doesn’t seem to affect my card.

Just to be certain, what is your processor?

Just a thought, but isn’t rust still in alpha phase? :wink:

That said, my GTX 980 is (if I release the fps limit) always under 100% load. Have you tried to force disabling vsync via the driver settings?

Rust is not optimized for anything.
It still contains quite a bit of debugging code, which is going to weigh the build down.
Unity 5 is still beta and buggy as fuck as well.

i7 3770k - never over 50% load…

So is there any temporary way to force GPU to do more?

This is very weird, I have a 970 with a 6700k and I average 60-100 fps, Usually when I look down at my frames it’s at 70. and I rarely ever go below 60, it has dipped to 40 before but was only for a few seconds at most. the cpu might have a significant effect on fps in rust at the moment.

I asked on the server and other** GTX 980Ti **users said they have the same problem (one has 6700k) so it is definitely the card optimisation problem.

I am running an i5 4670 and a gtx 970 @1440p and frame rates run 50+fps. I do see big drops in frame rate at times, which I chalk up to poor optimization. I don’t think it is a question of not being optimized for your particular card since Nvidia users represent a huge percentage of gamers. I am sceptical of anyone who claims to get a consistant 100fps in this game, even with a very high end gpu. Either way, try to get past the numbers, and be happy you get playable framerates!

There is a big difference between 970 at 980Ti - 970 seems to work better. :wink:

And I understand there is a lot to do with optimising the game and so on, but I just want to report this issue as to make it easier.

They are not that different. They are both running the Maxwell gpu, and both use exactly the same drivers. Yes, the 980ti is a faster card due to its higher clock speeds, wider memory bus etc, but at their core (so to speak) they are the same. It would be tough to “optimize” one and not the other. You could be dealing with bottlenecks elsewhere in your system which is getting a bit older now.

If you are running your system at 1080p then your 980ti won’t even break a sweat rendering whatever the system can throw at it…idling along at 50% apparently!

As others has stated, the game isnt optimized for anything at all, except for perhaps a PS/2 mouse.

What driver is installed on your computer? I installed the latest nvidia driver this morning (361.75) and noticed a massive drop in frames in rust, from an average of 70 to an average of 50. so I instantly rolled back to the previous driver (361.43). If you have the .75 driver installed try rolling back to the .43 driver and see if that makes it better.

I doubt its just an issue with the 980ti. My Fury X has no issues with the game and people in the thread play fine on 970s.

We just need to wait on the almighty optimisation work to get in full swing. I’m using a R9 380 4gb gddr5 and 2 months ago I was getting a steady 80-100 Fps on beautiful and now I am only getting 40-60 sometimes dropping to 25 if I am in large built up areas. Give it time I’m sure the devs will have all the kinks worked out soon so that we can get back to the higher frame rates.

I got the same card, same results here but if I look straight into the sky I get about 90 fps.

Most of the optimisation will be done near the end like ARK I guess. Most game development seems to be this way as I have followed a number of projects.

There is a rather large difference actually, both are based of largely different versions of the Maxwell cores. 980Ti being a larger core and almost identical to the Titan X. If this was a hardware issue, Titan X users would be having similar issues, which they aren’t as far as I’m aware. This would have to be caused by a translation error of some sort somewhere between Rust, the drivers and the GPU itself.

I love that card. Just got the Nitro

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have you even attempted to see if your gpu is being utilized 100%? go get something like gpu-z or Mis Afterburner and monitor your gpu usage.