Game not recognizing 'unbanned' status????

Hey guys, so I was banned on a server earlier today due to some misinformation and false claims, which resulted in the admins promptly unbanning me. However, to this time I still cannot join the server again, with the error still saying “Failed to connect (ConnectionBanned)”. They’re tried banning me again, unbanning me, banning my new steam display name and I’ve tried restarting my computer/router/rust/steam and nothing works. I’ve been removed from all the data files but it’s still not working.

Does anyone know what’s happening? Do I have to wait? (Of course the server was restarted after every action, much to the displeasure of the other players :P)

Once they remove the ban from bans.cfg they need to restart the server so it loads the new bans.cfg because the game doesn’t allow reloading of the stock configs yet (but it’s possible because mods do it)

If you’re still banned then they simply are not removing the ban from the correct bans.cfg located in my server data in the config folder

Yeah, tell them to restart the server after modifying the bans.cfg file. After that you should be golden.

Yeah, they have done that, that’s what I said. The game isn’t recognizing it or something.

I don’t think it would be because they might have banned a previous display name? (ie. they might have banned my prior “marshmallow justice”) … but that would mean I wouldn’t have been able to join as carrotgirl and I did until I was banned when online, so obviously they don’t still have my prior name banned.

The server owners sound like they have no idea what they’re doing

Get your 64bit id, and have them search the bans.cfg with ctrl + F with the ID, remove the ID, save the config then restart the server

If you still can’t join they have you banned elsewhere, or they’re editing the wrong config (which most likely means they have no idea what they’re doing)

He’s cleared the right ones… but it’s not recognizing I’m unbanned.

sp1ky: | steamname: carrotgirl
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:41275083
| steamID64:
sp1ky: Nothing in the banlists
carrotgirl: my 64id is blank?
sp1ky: It’s teh part after /profiles/
carrotgirl: ah right lol
sp1ky: cfg\banlist.cfg and cfg\bans.cfg are both completely blank

If you’re VAC banned, you automatically can’t connect.

she’s not vac banned


1x bad reading

The profile is private; I’m not bad at reading, I’m just stating something that can’t be ruled out just quite yet.

Even when a profile is set to private you can still see if its got a vac ban on it.

might be more than 1 ban.cfg list…my server provider had this issue but fixed it…sounds like they might not know what theyre doin too. join my server, youll fit right in with a few of the other females.

You can rule it out.

VAC Bans:

It’s definitely not a VAC ban; the admins just banned me when they saw I was logged on because of a false accusation. I’ve talked to him about potential other ban.cfg lists but he said those were the only two.

He even removed all profile data of me being on the server, and that didn’t work.