Game not rendering?

This is strange. It happened to my friend, and it goes something like this. He starts up a game, and it loads. I think he told me it like got stuck on the loading screen but he can move around and switch weapons. He sent me a photo and it was completely black, so either it’s stuck in loading or it’s on a black screen and he can still do stuff but nothing comes up. Anybody know what to do? Let me tell you a couple things before you say what I should do. Other source games work, it doesn’t render in single player or multi player, no missing textures or errors, and he already verified the integrity of his game cache.

Can he open his console or main menu once on server?

Just asked him. He said no.

Did he try full reinstall? Does it happen in single player or on another server and gamemode?

I’m pretty sure he did and it happens on both single and multi, no matter what.

Well, can you create a server for him to join and kick him from it? Will the black screen go away? Will you be able to post console log if the black screen goes away?

Well, he has ULX admin and when he opens a menu and closes it then he can see. So it’s solved (sort of?)