Game not responding, and automatically closes on Windows 8.

I cannot join any servers. When I attempt to join a Gmod server, Windows pops up with a window saying that the program isn’t responding and automatically closes it without giving the game a chance to respond.

-Is my game crashing?
-Any way to fix this?

Intel Celeron E3300 Dual Core
Nvidia 9800 GT
Windows 8 Pro 32 Bit

Can you make a listen server or start a Single Player match?
Are you sure Garry’s Mod is allowed in your default firewall?
Did you completely uninstall Garry’s Mod from Steam/delete the garrysmod folder after the big 13 update?

I can join a single player game.
I don’t know for sure, and I’m not sure how to check.
I installed Gmod about a week ago after getting a new computer.

Have you played both HL2 and CSS at least once?

Also, more than likely you’re running Windows Firewall, just go to Control Panel, Windows Firewall, Allow Program or Feature Through Windows Firewall then just add Garry’s Mod and accept if it doesn’t already show.

Just ran HL2 and CSS for the first time and confirmed that my firewall isn’t blocking it. Still getting the same crashing problems. I was able to play a couple days ago; these problems just happened today.

Well just to be on the safe side you should uninstall Garry’s Mod from Steam, delete the garrysmod folder located C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\garrysmod. You should also go here: and make sure you aren’t subscribed to any addons. This will say for sure without a doubt that it is indeed a problem with the update having issues on some hardware.

Make sure you unsubscribe from all the addons before deleting the garrysmod folder.