Game Not Starting

Hey guys, I hope I am posting in the correct forum, I am looking for some technical support. I’ve been playing rust for a while without any issues and now suddenly I am unable to start the game. When I attempt to start the game I can get to the Rust Configuration where you can adjust the resolution and graphics quality, however when I hit ‘Play!’ the game just closes. There is no crash report (as far as I know) and no indication that the game failed to load. I check my processes to determine if the game is still running and it is not, in fact I can see the Rust process running when the Rust Configuration screen is open, but it simply closes upon hitting ‘Play!’.

I have uninstalled Rust and reinstalled it, verified integrity of game cache, restarted my computer, made sure my video card drivers were up to date and still nothing. My only conclusion is that the latest update isn’t agreeing with my set up in some way.

Here are some of computer spec’s if it helps…

If any additional information is required in order to diagnose my problem, please let me know. Thanks.

Just bumping the topic… Any suggestions?

I have posted to reddit and here without much help (one reply on reddit, not successful). If there is a better place that I should be looking for technical support could someone please forward me there? The rust website direct me here… Anybody have any suggestions?

Edit: I have now also posted to the official facepunch support page…

Did you try launching it from the exe file? Works for my girlfriends version