Game of Stones : PvP / PvE Zones : Noobs welcome! + rare admin activated airdrops!

“Game of Stones : PvP / PvE Zones : Noobs welcome!”
Port: 28175
Location: United Kingdom
Slots: 100
Language: English preffered

We started a server for both PvE and PvP fans !!

A group of friendly folks live in Small Radtown.
Small Radtown is the PvE zone on this server, you can choose to go live there as a PvE player together
with the other players and defend your town against bandits, gather stuff and go hunt for some items in radiation zones.

OR, you become a bandit yourself, build a hideout in the mountains or start a base with other bandits and go on raiding other people.
But beware of the people in Small Radtown, because they will defend their city at all cost.

We made a PvP arena for the players that want to battle face to face, the arena can be opened by admins.

The choice is yours!

There are active admins who are happy to help people out who are new to Rust. Hackers will be banned without question.

Small Update:
-The Server is running on Magma/Rust++.
-The Decay Time of Structures and Tools is alot decreased. On 1/3 of the Original.
-The Airdrops are enabled at 6+
-For Newcomers there is a Hotel where they can store there Items.
-For all who invite their friends on the server, there’s a gift
-And a bonus program is in progress. Every day at 18:00 UTC all logged in player get something free. As to tape 100 Metal fragment.
Would also look forward to see you.


Is the PVE area still working?

Great Server with great Admins!

Questions, Comments, Community chatter can be located here:

Server has been updated. Come join us.